Prospective Ph.D. Students

    I have a few RA positions for strong and motivated Ph.D. students who would like to work on problems related to the following fields, platforms, methodologies, and applicatons. Of course, you don't need to know all of them, but some konwledge of any of them can help for a quick start.

      Fields: artificial intelligence, algorithmic robotics, machine learning, operations research, distributed robotic systems

      Platforms: underwater drones, autonomous boats, aerial drones, multirobot systems, sensor networks

      Methods: planning (deterministic, stochastic, data-driven), decision-making, reinforcement learning, deep learning, Gaussian Process, vehicles routing, data routing, task/resource allocation, distributed coordination

      Applications: life-long autonomy, aquatic/atmosphere environment monitoring, adaptive sampling, environmental exploration & mapping, smart vehicles/transportation, drones formation, warehouse robots

Prospective Master's and Undergraduate Students

Motivated Master's and undergraduate students are also welcome to work with me. Please send me an email with your CV/Resume if you are interested in any projects listed above. We can set up a meeting and discuss potential projects.

Current and Past Students

The list of my current and past students can be found here.